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Still Life

By Maria Rivans


Giclee and Screen print with spot varnishes on Somerset Signed Limited


Size :80 x 110cm

Limited Editions of  75

Signed, Number & Unframed



Print description

The Splendour of Peace’ is Rivans’ response to the recent turbulent times we have been experiencing – and a reminder of how beautiful peace can be. Transporting us to the serenity of a Japanese garden, you can almost smell the jasmine and cherry blossom; can almost hear the hum of birds, beasts, and bees, the tinkling of teapots, and the giggle of geishas. Set into an antique polished silver vase, the modern collage merges with the traditional still life, inspired by the Dutch Masters: there’s a buzz and a vibrancy, but there’s equilibrium here too, creating a deep and meditative sense of calm that promises to soothe the soul and promote inner peace.

The Splendour Of Peace

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