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By Anne-Marie Ellis


Original acrylic painting on canvas

Framed Size: 60x60cm 

Signed & Framed

Ready to Hang



Inspired by Sir. Peter Blake's alphabet series,  Ellis has made an recognizable A-Z of logos -   a 'stealth' alphabet with no letters!!


Some brands are easy with just the colour of Hermes or Tiffany's being recognizable, others have an iconic logo such as the tick of Nike... The materials and methods for each logo are appropriate to the for a street brand like Kappa spray paint has been used, and a rustic outdoor brand like FJallraven a wood cut. Each 10cm square is a mini work of art in its own right. Together the colours and the different materials such as real gold leaf, sandpaper, perforated leather, stitched fabric, gemstones and woven paper make the AZ a fascinating artwork. The original is a stunning unique piece!

Fashion Alphabet

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