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By Kristjana S Williams

Archival Giclée Printing on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm

Print Size : (Unframed)

                      A1 - 59.4 cm x 84.1 cm

Edition of 150

Signed | Numbered



All prints come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity. It includes an image of the artwork, the edition number and artwork details.



Colour and light burst forth as a voyager, bedecked in fruit laden flags, cuts through the teal waters and into a world where animalia reigns...


This Limited Edition Print was borne from Kristjana’s discovery of an original photograph at Sunbury Antiques market.  The graphic beauty of the ship, with its crisp monotone palette, provided the perfect base for Kristjana’s unique touch.


The animals aboard the moving ship represent those far flung harbours of the world where discovery and enlightenment are achieved, their oversized presence shadowing the man-made workings of the moving ship.  Winged citrus dance amid the towering masts, mirrored by the pelagic dolphins dancing over a calm, non-threatening sea.  Butterflies, fluttering like excited heartbeats, encircle the vigilant crew; a juvenile feathered buffalo takes charge of the bow; the frog on his tiger-seat looks to the sky as a snake winds his way up the topmast, its base nestled in an explosion of tropical orchids and trumpet flowers.  The all seeing leopardess, resplendent in lapis blue, looks out to sea, while a monochrome Ostrich comes into view, camouflaged by a passing cloud, a counterpoint to the colour popping rainbow promising a future of hope.


The movement of this piece reflects the nature of travel and discovery -  perhaps where humans once ruled, nature now prevails, and ever-evolving animals travel on ships, visiting relics of a former time...


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