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Dominic Vonbern was born in Bienne, Bern Switzerland in 1970. He is a designer, artist, and author. Vonbern Has been active in the Swiss street art scene for over 24 years. He works today predominantly in the medium of spraying and colourful digital art.

Vonbern completed a superior certificate in industrial design in Lausanne School of Architecture and Design. He has had the opportunity to work as the lead designer art director in Switzerland for many watch brands.

After making his own company 23 Karats as a freelance designer he lived in Japan and China for several years. After coming back from Asia he decided to settle in England where he is now living between Bern, Shanghai, and Torquay.

Taking inspiration from street and pop art, he often questions the great radical fact of life especially deadly subjects that no one wants to talk about. Each of his artworks is full of mysteries that need to be found, only a closer look would give the viewer the opportunity to see the radical truth in its purest expression. The war on terror, the fake human history, and the subtle confrontation on a different plane of existence between good and evil are the main subjects of his light work. 

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