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Shuby uses print, collage, paint and photography to create original reinterpretations that revel in absurdity, kitsch and irony. Her cheeky visions are almost dream-like in their Technicolor intensity. She works in a wide variety of mediums including paintings, print making, ceramics and reworking found objects. Her influences include Josephine Baker, Busby Berkeley, Andy Warhol, Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton, John Stezaker, retro advertising, car boot sales, Seaside charity shops and The Carnivalesque.Shuby has made a large amount of street art that includes paste ups and spray painted shutters. Her street art began with work inspired by singer and dancer Josephine Baker and the Busby Berkeley film "The Gang's all Here". She since has embarked on a journey evolving a range of images inspired by dance, technicolor film, retro advertising and photography by reworking them on paper and pasting them onto numerous buildings. Outside of her street work Shuby has redecorated an East End Fruit Shop and a racing Jaguar Stock Car that was used at the Arlington Stadium, as well as painting shirts for Redmutha (customized clothes, Brighton) and creating window paste up designs for Shelter Shop, Brighton. Her set of royal portraits using rabbit heads, was entered into the RCA Secret show with bits of the burnt Hasting's Pier and her recent sought-after Biscuit Jar series has some very interesting collectors.Shuby came from a family where everyone painted and went on to do a degree in print making in Manchester.Read our editorial featuring Shuby: Shuby's Tutti Fruity Paste Up.

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