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Chiara-Lila Clerici is a French/Italian collage artist and a French teacher. She currently resides in the UK and holds a degree in Foreign Civilizations, Literatures, and Arts with a focus on French and Italian. Chiara began exploring collage as an art form when she was just 6 years old. It served as her means of escape, allowing her to create a world where she felt secure, safe, and at peace.

Her collages consistently evoke deep emotions and frequently explore the beauty of the female form, as well as the concept of freedom, likely influenced by the liberty she experienced while living on a sailing boat. The strong presence of Mediterranean culture, in which she was raised, is also evident in her art, expressed through her choice of colors and settings.

Chiara's collages represent both literal voyages and an exploration of human emotions. She repurposes old magazines and newspapers, meticulously cutting out pictures and words that resonate with her on an emotional level. She enjoys experimenting with different artistic styles, shapes, and colors. Once she has a collection of carefully selected images, she uses a scalpel to extract fine details and begins visualizing the finished collage. She painstakingly affixes the images until she feels that the final product truly conveys her emotions.

Chiara is her own harshest critic, and she only considers a piece complete when she believes it effectively communicates her innermost feelings.

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