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(Sophia Loren )

By Maria Rivans


Giclee with Straight Cut edges on Canson Rag paper


Size :25.5 x 34cm

Limited Editions of  75

Signed, Number & Unframed


#Urbanart #Screenprint #Collageart #Popart


About the print

Maria Rivans' latest screenprint ‘Paloma’ stars the iconic Hollywood legend, Sophia Loren who effortlessly radiates an aura of timeless elegance. This enchanting artwork weaves together elements that symbolise power, status and a profound sense of feminine strength.
The use of ostrich feathers adds layers of symbolism, representing beauty, gracefulness and speed. Within the avian realm, the spirit animal ostrich is led by an alpha female, which serves as a powerful metaphor for divine feminine awakening and empowerment. Crows, intricately woven into the artwork, contribute an extra layer of meaning. Across various cultures, crows are recognised symbols of transformation, positive change, and intelligence. Their presence in the piece suggests a narrative of evolution and growth, perfectly aligning with the empowering themes at the heart of this captivating artwork. The subtle incorporation of bricks introduces a metaphorical element, where these building blocks represent individual ideas, thoughts, or plans that collectively shape one's future.
Furthermore, the title "Paloma," meaning dove or bird," adds a touch of mythological allure. In Greek mythology this symbol is associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The dove, historically associated with love, peace, and divine connections, enhances the overall narrative by infusing it with elements of grace, beauty and the ethereal.
In Rivans' screenprint, the convergence of these symbolic elements creates a visual tapestry that invites viewers to explore the interplay of power, femininity, transformation and the building blocks of one's future.


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