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(Marlene Dietrich)

By Maria Rivans


Screenprint with Diamond Dust and Glosses


Size :60 x 80cm

Limited Editions of  75

Signed, Number & Unframed


About the print

Chérie Starring Marlene Dietrich, the darling of Silver Screen Hollywood, ‘Chèrie’ is a heady cocktail of old-school continental glamour and feminine fearlessness.


A cigarette rests between Chérie’s crimson lips, as crows and ravens nestle amongst the sparkling diamonds of her exotic headdress. There’s a twinkle in her emerald eye, and the hint of defiance in the arch of her perfectly pencilled brow. Full of dark beauty, the gothic birds – considered sacred and all-knowing in many cultures – symbolise destiny, intelligence, mystery, mischief – and Chèrie’s unflinching spirit. A nod to Rivans’s past career as a jeweller, and a tender tribute to her Italian grandmother, Eugenia Tirinanzi – or ‘maman’, as she liked to be called – Chèrie is a sultry and intoxicating celebration of womanhood.


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