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Todd is a professional doodler (a fancy word for artist) who has sold over one billion dollars in merchandise with his artwork. Known for his fun character designs and wacky sense of humor, Todd became a household name with his David and Goliath clothing brand, and his irreverent tee shirt - "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them!", which sold 20 million tee shirts alone. In addition to swag, Todd enjoys painting and sells his work in art galleries around the world, where he has sold over 4,000 originals. Lots of famous people and celebrities collect his work, and recently Rihanna named Todd her favorite artist in Vanity Fair magazine.


Todd also likes to write, and sometimes trades his paintbrush for a pen. Currently, Todd has over 40 books published as well as a variety of TV shows, films and digital projects in development. Now Todd is jumping on the NFT band wagon like everyone else and hopes to reach a new audience with his art. Todd knows he’s not the best artist in the world, which is obvious from his work, but he’s pretty sure he’s the funniest.

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