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Anne-Marie Ellis is known for her fashion focused fine art, reflecting her successful career in the fashion industry. After a degree in fashion she co-founded a consultancy, designing clothing and accessories for luxury brands.


This design discipline and aesthetic vision influences Anne-Marie's artworks; both in her colour palette and stylish subject matter.  Her work often explores design heritage and branding, including a series painted directly onto luxury packaging.  Her sensitivity to sartorial design also finds its way into her contemporary still life, the textures of lace and the smoothness of glass are rendered meticulously in acrylics; her preferred medium.  She is as much inspired by Vermeer as she is Rene Gruau... in her artwork the dramatic darkness and strong light capturing the translucency of glass are influenced by the Dutch masters, while the graphic style and spatial awareness come from studying the great fashion illustrators.


Her work has been exhibited and collected widely in the UK, USA and Asia.

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