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“This is the imaginational spirit of existence: everything is heavy with meaning and everything must be soothed. The spirit of existence in sin and atonement.”  ----------------Vilém Flusser

It is the ambition to create multilayered picture compositions that stands in the centre of myactions, which consist of the synthesis of event-debris, informel, hard-edge shape fragments and sometimes entirely banal momentums. The pictures examine the contaminating properties of hitherto unspoken contents in the memetic sense, so, when analyzing the surface of the paintings, we speak about none other, than the presence-demonstration of the current meta-subjective idea.
The result of my approach to art is the insertion of my personal world of sensations – as the rationally and verbally indefinable whole feeding on external impulses, into an individuallycommunicative entity (piece of art), which is then, in the distress of articulation, moulded into picture modules.
According to my worldview, the original position of human beings can neither be found in Nothing nor in Information, but somewhere stuck in between these two entities, in a state,called Noise, or in other words, in the stream of uncomprehended background messages completely disturbing meaningful enquiry. Therefore, information Noise, which overwrites physical reality in the imagination, and then, causes trauma in the course of perception,becomes the ultimate basic experience in the process of conceiving the image. The trauma pushes in two opposite directions: destruction and creativity. The possible messages, which bear the contents of the communicative entities, can be composed along this dichotomy.

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