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By Maria Rivans


Collage Print Version (Jean Simmons and James Dean)


Giclee and screen print with Diamond Dust, silver ink and spot varnish.

Size : 121  x 87cm

Limited Editions of 60 on Somerset Velvet with torn edges

Signed, Number & Unframed


Edition numbers 1-12  -  Each one of these prints features a different coloured crystal  (the large central crystal on the bridge tug-of-war). Each of these colours signify the colours of the 12 birthstones
NB Feb and Jan have both sold.

Number 1 is January - Garnet
Number 2 is February – Amethyst   SOLD
Number 3 is March - Aquamarine
Number 4 is April - Diamond
Number 5 is May - Emerald
Number 6 is June - Alexandrite
Number 7 is July - Ruby
Number 8 is August - Peridot
Number 9 is September - Sapphire
Number 10 is October – Tourmaline   SOLD
Number 11 is November - Topaz
Number 12 is December - Blue Topaz



James Jean

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