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By Anne-Marie Ellis


Gicleegiclee print on Somerset 'Velvet' paper

Size : 42x43cm

Limited editions of 20

Hand Signed & Unframed



In a homage to Hirst, these 'Sartorial' spots go a step further than just being their iconic brand colour, and also have meticulously painted logos on. The brand colours have been chosen to complement each other and form a pleasing artwork, and the variety of original materials used (the gold leaf of Versace, and the sand impasto paint in Louis Vuitton's checkerboard etc) have been beautifully captured in this quality giclee print on Somerset 'Velvet' paper. Although many/all spots are obviously recognisable, it is a testament to stealth wealth (and how well you know your brands) that none have actual names on, but are just logo/signature branding. A good conversation piece!


(Original artwork sold to private collector)

Sartorial Spots Print

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