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Craig Knight (1964- whenever) was born in Evansville, Indiana, USA to an English rose and an American GI. As a child he moved to England in the 70’s after his parents separated. He gained BA (Hons) Fine Art at Hull College of HE and a PGCE in Fine Art at St Martins, Lancaster. He has taught Art and Design in several schools, academies and colleges for over 25 years (GCSE, BTEC L1/L2/L3 and A level). 

He is a painter and drawer, his influences are eclectic and range from comics/graphic novels, Pop art/ Neo-Pop; graffiti to fine art- as eclectic, highbrow and lowbrow as possible. Though oil is his favourite medium, he also uses acrylic and watercolour.

The narrative is about the construction of the ‘self’, the structure of memories and reality- fragments of existence. Painting becomes a problem solving exercise to provide the illusion of control- over self and environment.


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