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Exhibiting from the Uk to the USA, My works now hang internationally….  Japan, Spain, Germany, Finland, USA, France as well as at home here in the UK. Going from Subway walls to 5 Star Hotels.

Graffiti is the core influence of my style and having been a graffiti writer since the 1980's it is ingrained in my work. SprayPaint being my weapon of choice, incorporating my signature where and whenever possible, paint drips and splatter, soft fades and bold colour choices but this 'soft' medium is contrasted by the influence of clean pop art, comic art in particular Marvel and DC mainly but Milo Manara also. Using original line art. Focusing on moments not messages, provocative looks, emotion and suggestion, the use of text for impact, Often using a scalpel to clean lines which, in itself harks back to the origins of graffiti or ‘Graffito’ as the process of removing the surface to leave the perpetrators mark was known, so as I said, Graffiti is at the very core of my style…

It all started with comicbooks drawing heroes for friends, Spider man, Batman and Hulk. The explosion of Hip Hop Culture, Graffiti crews and Dance battles and the immersion into Street Culture where Train Yards, Subways and Abandoned places were my canvas, but that Street Culture also created a pathway into Custom Car Graphics for Street Racers, Murals and TV appearances. Motorsport livery for Track and Rally cars followed naturally which in turn opened opportunities to work with professional Superbike Race teams on graphics, helmets and merchandising but Graffiti was still always the root influence. 

Quality is everything and I feel my Pop Art style is enhanced further from my ‘Day time’ career in commercial graphics, years of working with Huge brands and high quality digital print, colaborating with some of the worlds largest substrate manufacturers to develop materials and training ensures my quality is high, my line art is crisp and my presentation is ALWAYS paramount! Projects such as Mission Impossible, James Bond and the Olympic Games taught me scale and professionalism whilst also allowing me access to different materials and methodology and ALL of this experience is brought together, like layers in a cake, for a machONE original painting.

machONE from concrete to canvas. So… Let’s Change Your View.

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