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Gabi Almeida is a Brazilian multimedia artist,  record  producer, singer-songwriter, video director, painter and creator of Mini Gabi- a fictional character who adventures through a life of music, yoga, art and travel.


“Inspiring others is one of the best gifts you can give” says Gabi


Coming from a family of artists, creating has always been a big part of my life.

I especially love painting and writing songs. Growing up in São Paulo, the diversity of the city wa a huge inspiration and at an early age I became involved with the urban art and music scene there.

My debut single 'Paint my Colours' is where the fusion of my music and visual art began, with my first single and video release -  an animation of paint and street art where the canvas was me!

My recent work is based on my fictional character Mini Gabi, a girl who likes art, music, yoga and travelling.

"I hope that Mini Gabi inspires you on your journey, giving you your own meaning whenever you see her."

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