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Born in Catania in 1961, the freelance photographer and graphic designer Tony Leone quotes movies and recognizable artworks in this photos. These photos are nothing but a true artistic operation where the mix between photography and other arts (cinema, pop art and photography itself) complement each other, creating a very personal irony and highly cultured language.

He won numerous prizes and awards at national and international level.

Among the most significant results, the exhibitions held in Sevilla, Spain , at Spazio espositivo “KANZ - Circuito off 57°. Biennale d'arte di Venezia,Winning the Performance Award of HPA - The Humanity Photo Awards - Beijing CHINA, Photoluxfest of Lucca, Culture palace in Catania, MarteLive Biennale at Macro in Rome, Art Takes Times Square in New York. Creative Rising Exhibition – See|Exhibition Space - Long Island - New York...

His images have aroused considerable interest, with the publication in prestigious journals and photography sites such as Photo, Focus, SAM Slovak Art Magazine Photoburst, National Geographic, Click Magazine, Republica ecc...

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