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Deadmansdust was born in 1974 in Lancashire, England. He is a contemporary artist with a background in watercolour painting and illustration. Deadmansdust studied art and design at Burnley College and later progressed onto gaining a degree in Illustration at Loughborough University School of the Arts in 1999.
Graduating university he concentrated on developing his skills as a watercolour artist which paved the way to him having his work displayed in many galleries and being awarded the Windsor & Newton Young Artist of the Year Award in 2000.
Seeking new challenges Deadmansdust set out to push the boundaries of his imagination and took to the camera and computer as a way of exploring his artistic vision. The female figure became his main source of inspiration and combining this with his fascination with colour and texture he soon began to formulate a new style that was unique to himself.
Smooth contours and hard rugged surfaces, a cocktail of veils and arabesques, graffiti and urban decay, incantatory calligraphies and the richness of colourful ambiances. A blending of styles that could have created something disjointed whereas they unite to form a dense and sumptuous atmosphere. The work bears a most interesting influence of his illustration background and overall his imagery possess a certain quality, a life force, a sensual electricity that is totally his own.
Deadmansdusts work as been published in selective books including “The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today” and his exclusive prints are available in strictly numbered limited editions.

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