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Vicente Romero Redondo ( Madrid , 1956 ) is a Spanish painter and educator . He receives a sculpture degree in 1982 from the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid. He has been living on the Costa Brava since 1987.


Romero Redondo is especially known for his pastel representations of graceful girls in lonely moments in a romantic setting, adorned in sophisticated attire. Having lived on the Costa Brava for years, his work has been praised for conveying exotic beauty and serenity, while reflecting the vivid luminosity often found in the work of masters from the Mediterranean region. Romero's artwork has been exhibited with honors inside and outside Europe. As an educator, Romero regularly teaches art workshops in many cities around the world.


Although his academic training was mainly based on drawing and sculpture, he has stood out mainly for his mastery of the pastel painting technique . He also frequently uses oil. His interest seems to focus almost exclusively on the intimate world of women and the study of light, the latter perhaps due to the influence of the Mediterranean light.

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