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By machOne


Original painting with 'splattered ' black acrylic


Size: 500mm x 500mm (Yellow ) , 624mm x 624mm (Framed size)




A little different than my usual, A tribute to 1990’s Dance Culture, Pixels in Yellow (Yosemite Yellow, Medium Yellow & DayGlo Yellow) over a background of Canary Yellow painted onto a ‘Tarnished’ board. The inference being of Digital Life transposed onto ‘Reality’ (that reality is less than perfect but an expectation on digital to be just that).


Also it was a take on a Pop Culture Symbol from a period where people got out and enjoyed themselves rather than took pictures of themselves.



The Yellows measure 500 x 500mm
Frame: - 20mm white
Frame Size: - 624 x 624mm
Mount: - White 60mm
Glazing: - 3mm UV100 Gallery Spec PlexiGlas


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