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By Kristjana S Williams

Archival Giclée Printing on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm

Print Size : (Unframed)

                      S - 70 cm x 65 cm

                      M - 90 cm x 80 cm

                       L - 110 cm x 110 cm

Edition of 195

Signed | Numbered



All prints come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity. It includes an image of the artwork, the edition number and artwork details.



Part of Kristjana’s highly popular Navigator’s Tracks Map series, this new and unique Limited Edition print presents the world connected by ancient explorers upon a 17th Century map. Yet this is an age beyond humankind, where the atmosphere has once again surrendered to calmness, and the entire earth hums softly in luminous colour. Here, animals have triumphed over adversity by means of spectacular evolution; lofty giraffe, the tallest in the animal kingdom, migrate freely from continent to continent, while tree-borne lemurs scale their dizzying perches with nonchalant abandon. Snow white owls venture from their arctic habitat and mingle with the colourful creatures of the tropics. This flamboyance is mirrored in the eye popping flora and fauna, illuminated by the brightest sun, which radiates upon the head of the elusive kingfisher, a symbol of peace that promises prosperity and hope for the future. Montgolfier style balloons fly overhead, drifting effortlessly above this fantastical mapscape, while a tiny automobile leaves its tracks over the equatorial line, in a bid perhaps, to see this world renewed.


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