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(Jane Fonda )

By Maria Rivans


Giclee and Screenprint with glosses on Somerset Velvet paper


Size :100 x 70cm

Limited Editions of  75

Signed, Number & Unframed


About the print

About Grace‘Grace’ – Maria Rivans’ first ever landscape-oriented pin-up – is a vision of elegance and sophistication. Named for Jane Fonda’s role in the hit television series Grace and Frankie, ‘Grace' begins with a digitally enhanced image of Fonda, printed onto Somerset Velvet for a smooth and flawless greyscale texture. What follows is Rivans’ response to this portrait of profound calm and serenity: a delicate collage crafted out of soft matt flowers, birds, butterflies, and beasts to represent the tapestry of Fonda’s varied life – a shining star, a political activist, an outspoken supporter of environmental, feminist and LGBTQ+ causes, and still an inspiration at 85. But this is more than a celebration of one woman: blossoming with symbolism – from the ace of spades for positivity, to a prowling lion for courage, and a unicorn for the magic of nature – Rivans’ collage captures the grace and beauty of a life lived to the full.



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