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By machOne


SprayPaint and Acrylic on deep edged canvas

Size :500mm x 500mm x 36mm

Signed, Dated and Titled on Verso

Supplied complete with paint cap used in the production and a Hand Stamped COA card


Description -


The 1980’s… 
A golden age of colour, energy, music and art,
A literal explosion of pop culture and iconography!

The Fragments series seeks to recapture that energy!

New to the Fragments series ‘Infract’ - to Break, Violate or Infringe.

machONE Urban Pop Art on Canvas original and vibrant. 

500mm x 500mm x 36mm
Supplied with Paint Cap used in the production
Complete with Hand Stamped COA card


Change Your View


#UrbanPopArt #Spraypaint


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