Jean Simmons and James Dean Portrait  collage print - Maria Rivans artwork at Deep West Gallery

James Jean


By Maria Rivans


Collage Print Version (Jean Simmons and James Dean)


Giclee and screen print with Diamond Dust, silver ink and spot varnish.

Size : 121  x 87cm

Limited Editions of 60 on Somerset Velvet with torn edges

Signed, Number & Unframed


Edition numbers 1-12  -  Each one of these prints features a different coloured crystal  (the large central crystal on the bridge tug-of-war). Each of these colours signify the colours of the 12 birthstones
NB Feb and Jan have both sold.

Number 1 is January - Garnet
Number 2 is February – Amethyst   SOLD
Number 3 is March - Aquamarine
Number 4 is April - Diamond
Number 5 is May - Emerald
Number 6 is June - Alexandrite
Number 7 is July - Ruby
Number 8 is August - Peridot
Number 9 is September - Sapphire
Number 10 is October – Tourmaline   SOLD
Number 11 is November - Topaz
Number 12 is December - Blue Topaz