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Discover the Art of Elizabeth Bessant: British Collage Artist at Deep West Gallery

We are delighted to introduce Elizabeth Bessant, a distinguished British collage artist, to the Deep West Gallery family! Known for her intricate and evocative collages, Bessant's work is a celebration of creativity and innovation, blending diverse materials and textures to create visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces.

The Power of Collage Art

At Deep West Gallery, we are proud to exhibit a selection of Bessant's finest works, offering visitors a chance to experience her art up close. Her paintings, characterized by their vivid color palettes and dynamic compositions, invite viewers to explore the interplay between light, texture, and movement.



Love is all

Mixed media on canvas(collage, paint, crystals, embellishments, glitter, gold leaf and resin coating)

Size: 65x48cm framed

Signed and framed 


Amy Winehouse

Mixed media on canvas(collage, paint, crystals, embellishments, gold leaf and resin coating)

Size: 59x47cm framed

Signed and framed

Don’t miss the chance to witness the extraordinary talent of Elizabeth Bessant. Her works are not just paintings; they are journeys into the heart and soul of artistic expression. We look forward to welcoming you to Deep West Gallery for this remarkable exhibition.

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