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Stunning New Originals and Prints are Inside Now

Featuring the New Artworks from Award Winning Artist Alexandra Gallagher and London Contemporary Artist Nick Watson.

Alexandra Gallagher's body of work celebrates the surreal and bizarre. ­Between the realms of memory, dreams and experience, her work looks beyond our subjective limits and often tells a story of inner imagination and thought.

Title: Imortal Salvation


beauty ,bird, flowers and tree
Imortal Salvation


Title: Carry My Soul To Heaven


Beauty, flowers, birds
Carry My Soul To Heaven


Title:Alexis and Krystle

beauty, birds and flowers
Don't Speak What the Heart Flutters

Title: "Don't Speak What the Heart Flutters"


Title: "Come Sit on My Blind Side"

Ceated to work as a duo piece


Beauty, birds and flowers
Don't Speak What the Heart Flutters

Duo Giclee Prints


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Have a look at more of the POP art based Portraits , by


Nick Watson is a London based artist, having studied for a BA (Hons) Visual Arts and then completing an MA Printmaking course at Camberwell College of Arts, Nick has always been interested in contemporary painting and street art.

Title: Sienna II


Sienna, icon, actress
Sienna II

Title: Sienna I


Sienna, actress, icon
Sienna I



Title: Alice


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 71 x 66cm Signed and dated 2016/17

Memorial I

Title: Memorial I


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 106.5 x 86cm Signed and dated 2017



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