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Summer Highlights

--Haus of Lucy

We have a fabulous selection of Haus of Lucy art prints at Deep West Gallery and discover everything you need to know about Contemporary artworks. The price starts from from £150.00.

Lucy is a contemporary multi-media artist and graphic designer. Although having graduated from the University of Derby, Bryant is less defined by her formal art training than by her loose, creative approach and varied influences, which include Pop Art and the Punk music scene. Bryant’s work is brilliantly humorous and refreshing, and leaves us to ponder the true character of art in the twenty-first century.

Her recent limited edition print series appropriates the classic, antiquated landscape painting: steering away from the iconic work of the masters, Bryant favours the unloved and the unknown, those skilled pastiches of a Turner or a Constable, that fill the tables of junk shops. . Onto these, Bryant has added anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected end result: is that an easyJet plane, gliding through a fifthteenth century sunset? And what’s that Shell Oil truck doing in the middle of a nineteenth century pastoral scene?


Media :Archival Giclée Printing on Soft White Cotton 280 gsm paper

Sophie Giraffe Snapchat Amp

By Haus of Lucy Archival Giclée Printing on Soft White Cotton 280 gsm paper Print Size : A3 - 297 mm x 420 mm A2 - 420 mm x 594 mm A1 - 594 mm x 835 mm A0 - 841 mm x 1182 mm Edition of 10 Signed | Numbered


Title: Crying Girl Flower Crown

Haus of Lucy Giclée Printing Edition of 50




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